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ESL student
ESL students working together in a group.
Our FREE Noncredit ESL Program offers:
  • Literacy and Level 1 to 9
  • Vocational/workplace ESL
  • Computer skills
  • Citizenship
  • College preparation
Our Credit ESL Program offers: 
  • Academic reading and writing
  • Academic oral communication
  • Grammar and editing

Are you new or returning to 桃汁影院?

  • New 桃汁影院 Students
  • Returning Students
Start Your Learning Journey

Use your 桃汁影院 Student ID Number to set up your student account or RAM ID. 

Your RAM ID will allow you to access your myRAM Student Portal (for registering classes), Canvas (for online courses), 桃汁影院 WiFi Network, and Counseling.

to set up your RAM ID or student account on the my桃汁影院 page.

*New 桃汁影院 students must wait 24 hours after receiving your new Student ID number

After receiving your student ID# starting with an S, @, W, or WA, please use the Guided Self-Placement Tool to find your ESL level.

  1. Watch the videos in the different ESL levels. Choose the best video for your level of English.
  2. Read the passages. Choose the best level for you.
  3. You will see the placement result and a list of recommended courses.

Questions? Contact ESL Noncredit Placement Coordinator Wynn Newberry at wnewberry@ccsf.edu

  1. Review five reading samples and five writing samples to determine which ESL level is best for you.
  2. After that, the Credit ESL placement level results will be available within 2-3 business days in your my桃汁影院 Student Portal. To check your placement results, log in to . Click on  
  3. Upon completion, your next step is to complete the  and schedule an appointment with a counselor

Questions? Contact ESL Credit Placement Coordinator Nicki Trahan at ntrahan@ccsf.edu.

Our Noncredit ESL Program offers FREE courses both in-person and online. 

Class Schedules

We have in-person classes at our campus locations at Chinatown, Downtown, Mission, and Ocean Campuses

Our Noncredit Online ESL Program courses are offered through Canvas. Most online classes have Zoom meetings. 

Our Credit ESL Program is designed for students who wish to pursue a vocational certificate or a two-year degree at 桃汁影院 or transfer to a 4-year college or university.

Follow the steps on the to register for classes:

  1. Write down the 5 digit CRN number for each class you are interested in
  2. Log in to your my桃汁影院 Login Portal (RAM ID)
  3. Select "Register Here"
  4. Select the term (or semester) and Noncredit option
  5. Click "Current Schedule/Register by CRN"
  6. Enter the 5-digit CRN for the course you would like to add. Then, click "Register"
  7. You will see a message confirming you have successfully registered for the course.

Where is your class?

Check out the campus locations at Chinatown, Downtown, Mission, and Ocean. 

You can find the classroom number on the ESL Class Schedules by Campus.

What do you bring to class?

Bring a notebook, pens or pencils, and a binder or folder to class. 

Who can help you in class?

Meet your teacher by introducing yourself. You may say, "My name is ____. I'm from (country). I'm new to this class."

In some classes, there is a SHINE Coach, who is a volunteer teaching assistant in the classroom. They help students practice English and answer questions. 

Make friends with your classmates! In our ESL classes, students practice English through pair and small group activities. Everyone helps each other. 

Helpful Resources

Campus Library Librarians are there to help you answer your questions and find what you need.

Admissions and Enrollment (A&E) Office Staff can help you register for classes.

Counseling You can also make an appointment to see a counselor to learn more about our programs.

Student Activities Look out for student activities flyers on campus. Join the activities and make friends. 

桃汁影院 WiFi Follow these steps to connect to .

How to Use Canvas

Dashboard on Canvas

Canvas Course Navigation

How to Use Canvas Inbox

How to Submit Assignments

How to Post in Discussions

How to Check Grades and Teacher's Comments

Canvas Calendar

How to Use Zoom

How to Use Zoom

Join a Class Meeting in Zoom

Join a Breakout Room

How to Share Screen

How to Change Background