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Virtual Help Counters

In order to find the most appropriate support you are looking for, view the drop-down menus to find the office or program you would like to connect with. For example, if you have specific questions about registration, you will need to connect to "Admission and Records Office." The virtual counters are organized into the following: (1) Academic Support, (2) Admission and Records, (3) Resource 桃汁影院, and (4) Student Services.

If you are not sure which Virtual Counter to connect to, you may reach out to the Office of Student Affairs Virtual Counter (located under the "General Student Support" drop-down menu).

Step 1: Look through the list below for the office or program you would either like to communicate with. Click the office/program's website link and you will be directed to their Zoom home page.

Step 2: Locate the Zoom link or dial-in phone number. Typically the Virtual Counter information can be found at the bottom of a website's page, or on the righthand column. If dialing in from a phone, please have the meeting ID number available and ready to dial in. Please note that the offices will only have an available staff member during the open hours they have provided.

Step 3: Once you have either clicked on their Zoom link or have dialed in, you will be taken to a "waiting room" to wait for a staff member to meet with you. Do not close the window or leave the waiting room or you will be disconnected and you'll lose your place in line.

Step 4:  An office/program staff member will pull you into a meeting room (you do not have to do anything) where you will be able to ask your question(s) and get support.

Visit the Admissions and Records Virtual Counters page to access live help for the following areas:

  • Certificates
  • Free City
  • Graduation High School (HS) Enrollment
  • Tuition and Fees
  • Noncredit Admissions & Registration
  • Registration Office
  • Residency
  • Transcript Evaluations

Visit Admissions and Records Virtual Counters

Looking for general support or not sure which Virtual Counter to connect to for questions? Connect to the Zoom Virtual Counter on the Student Affairs page (in the right sidebar).

Visit Student Affairs

For Faculty & Staff

Note: You can click on the my桃汁影院 Login Portal (RAM ID) button at top of page to access the RAM ID Portal. The Faculty and Staff resources will be moving to a new location on the in the near future.

  • Manage Your Classes
  • Service and Email
  • Assessment, Planning, and Curriculum